What is a small optical switch?

What is a small optical switch?

Micro electromechanical system (MOEMS), which integrates micro mechanical electronic system (MEMS) and optical device, makes the optical device develop rapidly towards the direction of miniaturization. The use of micro machining technology can obtain high processing accuracy, and can make various Actuators, optical mirrors and optical waveguides are integrated with semiconductor lasers, photoelectric detection devices, etc. to form an active opto-electromechanical system, so MOEMS is a promising application field of MEMS. Compared with the early traditional optical switches, it can achieve excellent performance such as small insertion loss, short switching time and low power consumption, and the appearance is small. It can be mass-produced on a mature Ic process production line, which greatly reduces the cost.

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The basic form of optical switch is 2x2, that is, there are two optical fibers at the input end and output end respectively, which can complete two connection states, parallel connection and cross connection, as shown in Figure 2. The larger space division optical switching unit can be composed of basic 2x2 optical switches and corresponding 1x2 optical switches in cascade and combination.

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Optical switching refers to the phenomenon in which the transmission of a light field through a device switches between two or more possible states by optical means.

Depending on the switching method, optical switches can be roughly classified into three types: mechanical methods, MEMS methods, and optical waveguide methods.

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