What is a mechanical optical switch?

What is a mechanical optical switch?

Opto-mechanical optical switches (single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic switches) are passive components that selectively transmit an optical signal from a given input port to a given output port in a fiber optic transmission line.

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Mechanical Optical Switch | Moving Prism Optical Switch

The input and output fibers are connected with collimating optical elements such as self-focusing lens, plano-convex rod lens, ball lens, etc., and are fixed, and the optical path of the input and output ports is changed by moving the prism.

Mechanical Optical Switch | Moving Self-Focus Lens Type Optical Switch

Self-focusing lens especially for fiber-to-fiber far-field coupling in various optical devices

Mechanical Optical Switches | Moving Mirror Optical Switches

The optical fibers of the input and output ports are fixed, and the input light is connected to different output ports by means of a rotating spherical or plane mirror.

Mechanical Optical Switch Type

There are three main types of mechanical optical switches: one is to use prism switching technology, the other is to use mirror switching technology, and the third is to switch optical paths by moving optical fibers.

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Mechanical Optical Switches , Opto-Mechanical Optical Switches redirect optical signals by mechanically moving an optical fiber or bulk optical element. It performs various operations, allowing a signal to switch from one state to another. This type of fiber optic switch is usually driven by a stepper motor.

More about 1xN Mechanical Fiber Optic Switches... A fiber optic switch represents the most dynamic single element in an optical network and traditionally exchanges data between different ports of the network.

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