What is a MEMS Optical Switch?

What is a MEMS Optical Switch?

The MEMS optical switch is to engrave a number of tiny mirrors on the silicon crystal. Through the action of electrostatic force or electromagnetic force, the micro-mirror array is rotated, thereby changing the propagation direction of the input light to realize the function of on-off of the optical path. The MEMS optical switch switches the light wave routing through external control information and the corresponding high and low levels to control whether the internal micro mirror is lifted or not. 

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Mems Switch Optical

MEMS is a micro-electromechanical system. After the micro-mechanical structure is fabricated, it needs to be driven by electronic technology. Typical driving mechanisms include electrostatic attraction, electromagnetic force, electrostriction, and thermocouples. Among all the driving mechanisms of MEMS devices, the electrostatic attraction structure is the most widely used due to its simple fabrication, easy control and low power consumption.

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MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) refers to a mass-produced micro-device or system that integrates micro-machines, micro-actuators, signal processing and control circuits. The preparation process of micro-mechanical structures includes photolithography, ion beam Etching, chemical etching, wafer bonding, etc., while electrodes are prepared on the mechanical structure for electronic control.

MEMS optical switches with complex movable 3D mechanical structures, micro-actuators, and micro-optical elements can be monolithically integrated on the same substrate by using well-established manufacturing processes in the integrated circuit industry.

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