Solid state optical switch | What is an optical switch?

Solid state optical switch | What is an optical switch?

An optical switch is an optical device with one or more optional transmission ports, whose function is to perform mutual conversion or logical operation on optical signals in optical transmission lines or integrated optical circuits.

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Guangxi  CORERAY Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of passive components for optical communication.The company is committed to the large-scale application of laser communication passive device manufacturing technology. 

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Solid state optical switch | Solid State Fiber Switch

Solid-state fiber optic switches connect optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals to selected output fibers. The switching of light is achieved by exploiting the Faraday effect.

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2x2 switches are all solid state optical switching devices with no moving parts. The switching of light is achieved by exploiting the Faraday effect. This is achieved using a patent-protected non-mechanical configuration and solid-state all-crystal design that requires no mechanical movement. Microsecond fiber optic switches are designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements for reliability, durability, fast response, and continuous high frequency switching operation. 

Solid state optical switch | High reliability

SSolid state optical switch 1x1, 1x2 fiber optic switch H features low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high channel isolation, and very high reliability and repeatability. 

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The optical switch matrix is the core component of the optical network node equipment, which is responsible for the routing control of multi-channel signals. According to the principle and material, it can be divided into many categories. At present, the commercialization boom is mainly MEMS switches, which use electrostatic force to realize the deflection of micro lenses, and the switching time is generally in the order of milliseconds; there are also switches that use thermo-optic, acousto-optic and magneto-optic effects, and some products have been launched. And so on; semiconductor-based optical switches, which modulate the carrier concentration by current (electric field) injection or light injection, thereby modulating the refractive index of the material, realize switching, and the speed is on the order of nanoseconds, which can be applied to optical grouping Exchange (OPS).

According to the difference of manufacturing process and technology, optical switches can be divided into mechanical switches, MEMS switches, magneto-optical switches, etc. The first two switch types are the most widely used on the market today. In addition, thermo-optic switches, electro-optic switches, and acousto-optic switches are also used in some specific applications.

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