Large port optical switch | What is an optical switch?

Large port optical switch | What is an optical switch?

An optical switch is an optical device with one or more optional transmission ports, whose function is to perform mutual conversion or logical operation on optical signals in optical transmission lines or integrated optical circuits.

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Guangxi  CORERAY Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of passive components for optical communication.The company is committed to the large-scale application of laser communication passive device manufacturing technology. 

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Multimode 1xN optical switches allow automatic and repeatable connection of one common fiber to N output or input fibers. These all-optical switches are bidirectional and can be used in either 1xN or Nx1 orientation.

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Using a mechanical switch requires direct contact to activate the board, while using an optical switch, everything is non-contact (which means it doesn't actually contact).

The optical switch is usually more durable because of less wear.

Optical switch term (Telecommunications) a switch that selectively changes signals between optical fibers or integrated optical paths.

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