What is an optical filter?

What is an optical filter?

An optical filter is a device that selectively transmits light of different wavelengths, usually implemented as a glass plane or plastic device in the light path, which is either heavily dyed or has an interference coating. The optical properties of an optical filter are completely described by its frequency response, which specifies how the filter modifies the magnitude and phase of each frequency component of the input signal.

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Optical filter | Dichroic Filters

Dichroic filters are designed to transmit a specific range of the spectrum (the pass band) while reflecting another range (called the suppression band). Dichroic filters are commonly used for color separation in digital projection and CCD imaging.

Optical filter | Optical Narrow Bandpass Filters

Optical narrow bandpass filters are used to isolate wavelength bands from the total spectrum by providing high transmittance bands and high spectral energy rejection bands on the long and short wavelength sides of the transmission band. 

Optical filter | Bandpass filter

Bandpass filters are basically designed to selectively transmit specific spectral ranges and reject other wavelengths. Bandpass filters are commonly used in a variety of applications including chemistry, fluorescence microscopy, high-speed optical imaging, and spectroscopy.

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1. Optical elements capable of attenuating the intensity of light and changing spectral components. 2. Optical parts that can attenuate the intensity of light, change the spectral composition or define the vibration surface.

Filters are optical devices used to select the desired radiation band. A common feature of filters is that no filter can make the image of a celestial object brighter, because all filters absorb certain wavelengths, making the object darker.

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