Introduction to Optical Switches

Introduction to Optical Switches

Optical switch is an optical path conversion device. In fiber optic transmission systems, optical switches are used for conversion of multiple monitors, LANs, multiple light sources, detectors and protection of Ethernet. In the optical fiber test system, used for optical fiber, fiber optic equipment testing and network testing, fiber optic sensing multi-point monitoring system.

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Guangxi  CORERAY Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of passive components for optical communication.The company is committed to the large-scale application of laser communication passive device manufacturing technology. 

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Number of optical switch ports

According to the number of input and output ports of the optical switch, it can be divided into 1×1, 1×2, 1×N, 2×2, 2×N, M×N, etc., and they have different uses in different occasions.

The role of optical switches in optical networks

Optical switches play a very important role in optical networks. In wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission systems, optical switches can be used for wavelength adaptation, regeneration, and clock extraction. In Division Multiplex, (OTDM) systems, optical switches can be used for demultiplexing; in all-optical switching systems, optical switches are key components of Optical Cross-connect (OXC) and an important component of wavelength conversion.

Optical switch application

The scope of application mainly includes: protection switching system of optical network, light source control in optical fiber testing, real-time monitoring system of network performance, testing of optical components, switching core for building OXC equipment, optical add/drop multiplexing, optical testing, optical transmission sensory system, etc.

1x128 optical switch Supplier

1x128 optical switch module is a functional component with the ability to switch optical routes. 1x128 optical mechanical optical switch is composed of one input and 128 output optical fiber ports, which can selectively transmit, redirect or block the optical power in the optical fiber transmission line. These all-optical switches are bidirectional and can be used in 1x128 or 128x1 directions. Optical fiber switches are designed for optical fiber communication networks and measuring instruments.

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Optical switches use light sensing to trigger switches. It works with a mechanical switch to block the light beam. When the switch is pressed, the switch lever moves downward to trigger the light sensor on the PCB and activate the key.

It is superior to optical switch in technology. They have longer service life and faster response time.

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