MEMS optical switch and mechanical optical switch

The working principle of mechanical optical switch is to redirect the optical signal by physically moving the optical fiber with the help of mechanical devices. By moving the prism or directional coupler, the light at the input end is guided to the required output port. There are three main types of mechanical optical switches: one is the prism switching optical path technology, the other is the mirror switching technology, and the third is to switch the optical path by moving the optical fiber.
MEMS optical switch is based on micro electro mechanical system. Optical micro mirror or optical mirror array is used to change the propagation direction of light beam and realize the switching of optical path. The principle of MEMS optical switch is very simple. During optical exchange, the input light is switched to different output ends of the optical switch by moving or changing the angle of MEMS micro mirror driven by electrostatic or magnetic power, so as to realize the switching and on-off of optical path.